Monday, July 27, 2015

07/26/15   Ofc. Richardson

0700 shift change with Officer Smith
Officer Haley on duty
0800 met ferry
0915 met ferry
1015 met ferry
115 met ferry
Assist Fire Dept. with alarm sounding on Pleasant Ave
1215 met ferry
1415 met ferry
0fficer Hawley on duty
1515 met ferry
Stopped a golf cart on Island Ave, Young driver turned out to be 15 y/o driver with a permit
accompanied by licensed adult.  Perfectly legal
1635 met ferry
Assist Fire Dept. with bicycle accident on Ryfield St.
1735 met ferry
1915 met ferry
2015 met ferry
2115 met ferry
Assisted two stranded travelers at Forest City landing                     
2230 met ferry
2330 met ferry
Checked Lions Club
Checked American Legion

Please don't leave your keys in your vehicle parked anywhere...EVER!!!