Sunday, July 26, 2015

07/22/2015   Ofc. Robert Lauterbach

0700 - arrived on island.
0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.
0930 - met ferry.
1020 - spoke to a resident about a motor vehicle accident that occurred last week.
1130 - met ferry and patrolled back shore.
1230 - met ferry.
1400 - patrolled island and met 1430 ferry.
1530 - assisted FD with swapping out keys to the library.
1645 - met ferry.
1700 - responded to area of Brackett and Island for a loose dog.  I arrived to find the owner with the dog.
1725 - medical walk-in.  Juvenile with a lacerated finger.  Treated at station house and released to his parents.
1920 - patrolled island and met 1930 ferry.
2030 - met ferry.
2130 - met ferry.
2200 - patrolled back shore.

***Please remember to always check with us when you want to have a cooking fire on the beach/rocks.  There is a permit that needs to filled out, and also it informs us as to where the fire is.  This allows us to get to the scene as quickly as possible in case of an emergency.