Thursday, September 12, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 9/12/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and gave special attention to school area.

1030 - picked up city computer staff and brought them back to the station house to work on computer in office.

1240 - patrolled island.

1530 - met ferry and patrolled island.

1700 - quick vehicle maintenance.

2100 - patrolled island and checked battery steel.

Quiet day.  A few day trippers with two cruise lines in port.

Friday, September 6, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 9/5/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and gave special attention to school zone.

0955 - patrolled island.

1230 - met ferry.

1510 - patrolled Brackett Ave and met 1530 ferry.

1720 - patrolled island and gave special attention to Battery Steele area.

2200 - patrolled island and locked community building.

0540 - patrolled island and unlocked community building.

*** Remember to keep your dog on a leash at all times when out walking. 

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 9/3/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0720 - gave special attention for traffic near school zone.

0955 - patrolled island.

1130 - met ferry and patrolled island.

1400 - spoke with resident who turned in a cell phone.

1730 - patrolled island and met 1755 ferry.

2130 - met ferry.

2215 - checked Battery Steele area.

2300 - locked up community building.

Very quiet day with plenty of day trippers possibly due to the cruise line that arrived early in the morning

Friday, August 30, 2019

Thursday August 29, 2019
Officer Connolly
-0700 hours: Shift change
-0830 hours: Patrolled back shore
-0900 hours: House chores/maintenance
-1015 hours: patrolled island via bike
-1200 hours: patrolled island via Gator
-1500 hours: Lost item reported at Ferry Landing.  Item retrieved and brought back to owner
-1645 hours: assisted fire department with medical call Down Front
-1730 hours: Met with party in regards to a parking complaint at the Peaks Island Elementary School.  Stated his vehicle will be addressed
-2200 hours: Special attention to the Community Center
-Met Ferries throughout day, (summer winding down).  No issues with traffic or lines.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 8/28/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.

0810 - unlocked community building.

1100 - patrolled island and met 1130 ferry.

1410 - patrolled Central Ave. and met 1430 ferry.

1645 - met ferry.

1900 - patrolled Brackett Ave. and met ferry.

2120 - checked Battery Steele.

Lots of vehicles leaving during the day and lots of rain starting around 7:00 PM. 
Robert Lauterbach 8/26/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.

0920 - station house and vehicle maintenance.

1230 - met ferry.

1420 - patrolled island.

1700 - found owner of cell phone that was left at station house.

1825 - spoke with father and daughter from City Point Rd. they had issues with daughter's boyfriend and decided to leave the island for the night to prevent anything from escalating.  No crime, no report.  

1920 - checked DPW property.

2200 - locked community building.

0600 - unlocked community building.

Please remember that the Welch St. lot has a 72 parking limit.

Monday, August 26, 2019

Friday August 23, 2019
Officer Connolly (Officer Taylor afternoon/Officer Keller overnight)
-0700 hours: Shift change
-0840 hours: patrolled backshore/with Gator
-0920 hours: wallet turned in (reunited with owner later in shift)
-1100 hours: patrolled Centennial Beach
-1430 hours: assisted Casco Bay Lines with ferry line (particularly heavy load for this ferry)
-1715 hours: complaint about a parking ticket issued, instructed to call parking division
-1730 hours: dog at large call on New Island Ave.
-2230 hours: special attention to Community Services
-2350 hours: Party call on Pleasant Ave.  individuals quieted down
-Met Ferries throughout day/night

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Officer Connolly 

Tuesday July 30, 2019
Officer Connolly
-0700 hours: Shift change
-0830 hours: Patrolled Backshore/with Gator
-1400 hours: Foot patrol Down front
-1515 hours: Inquiry about a lost phone
-1630 hours: Parking complaint Welch St. (ticket issued)
-1700 hours:Patrolled back shore
-2100 hours: Parking complaint on Backshore/unfounded
-2200 hours: Special attention to Community Services
-Met Ferries throughout day.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Monday July 22, 2019
Officer Connolly
-0700 hours: Shift change
-0800 hours: Met ferry/cadet reported to duty
-0915 hours: Patrolled backshore/middle of Island with Gator
-1030 hours: Follow-up with unregistered boat parking on Knickerbocker Ln.
-1215 hours: Harassment/terrorizing report taken on Central Ave.
--1920 hours: Follow-up with 8th Maine staff regarding theft
-2045 hours: Medical call at 8th Maine, party refused transport
-0300 hours: Medical call on Central Ave.  Party transported
-Met Ferries throughout day.

Monday, July 22, 2019


Date _­­__07/20/2019_        Shift _1 __            Officer  Rumery Taylor/Leitch/ MacLean/Keller          _______        

Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous

0700- shift change w/Ofc Lauterbach/Patrolled Island 

0800-  Met ferry, managed car ferry line-Peaks to Portland Swim set up on Beach at Ferry Landing

0930-  Met ferry/patrolled Island

1030-  Met ferry/managed car ferry Line

1100-  Went to visit at Book Sale at Library-offloaded multiple police stickers/pay it forward recruitment 

1130-  Met ferry/managed car ferry line and traffic circle

1230-  Met ferry/patrolled Island

1248-  responded to 69 Alderbrook w/Engine 12

1330-  Met ferry

1400-  Patrolled Island

1430-  Met ferry/shift change

1501-  Golf cart being driven by kids complaint Pleasant @ Trefethen found parked @ residence Belvedere & Pleasant.Spoke w/adults. Licensed teenage drivers are in the home and will drive appropriately

1530-  Met ferry/patrolled Island

1630- spoke w/Portland Water District-checked exterior doors for them at 15 Welch St. all set 

1645-  Met Ferry

1742-  273 Island Ave with Medcu 12 for a medical call. Patient transported.

1815-  Patrolled Island

1930-  Met ferry-assisted Elderly wedding party guest getting onto boat with help from 
CBL staff. 

1938- Boat sinking on Gov't Dock. Notified Harbor Master who called Coast Guard-PFD Cavallaro responded and met Engine 12 at dock and they pumped out the boat until owner responded.

2030-  Met ferry-waved Goodbye to another wedding party. 

2130-  Met ferry-shift change-checked on vehicle on Seashore w/hazards on. Owner contacted.

2203-  Noise complaint re:wedding at Lion's club. Party already broken up upon arrival.

2230-  Met Ferry/patrolled Island

2245-  Met ferry

2300-  Patrolled Island

0015-  50 Luther St w/Engine 12 for the smell of propane-empty gas cylinder giving off slight odor-cleared

Safety Tip
When cooking lobster use caution when removing the rubber bands before cooking.

Robert Lauterbach 7/19/2019

0700 - arrived on island and patrolled island. 

0800 - met ferry and picked up cadet. 

0945 - found owner of lost wallet and gave it back to him. 

1030 - argument on ferry line with two islanders. Spoke with both parties and settled it.

1310 - 911 hang up on Seashore - everything all set - pocket dial. 

1430 - picked of Officer Smith.

1645 - report of missing/stolen bike by the Inn - bike not locked up- description taken. 

1950 - patrolled island and met 2030 ferry. 

2130 - met ferry and picked up Officer Bennis. 

2300 - patrolled island - all quiet.

Very crowded and busy day with people all over but seemed to quiet down a lot when the sun went down. 

***  Lock your bike up when you’re not using it - Doesn’t make it right but why take the chance and allow someone to take it on a joy ride - Nobody is cutting bike locks out here on the island - Please help yourself and lock up your bike 

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Peaks Blog 7/18/2019

0700 - arrived on island.  

0800 - met ferry and patrolled back shore.

0830 - fire training.

1100 - patrolled island.

1410 - Epps and Brackett for a person who fell off bike.  Transported to fire boat.

1620 - assisted FD in cleaning fire apparatus.

1900 - patrolled island and met 2030 ferry.

2245 - checked Battery Steele area.

*** Please try to make sure your address is visible.  Makes all the difference in the world when trying to get there. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Friday July 12, 2019
Officer Connolly (Regan/Keller)
-0700 hours: Shift change
-0800 hours: Met ferry/cadet reported to duty
0815 hours: Assisted fire department with alarm call at Inn
0930 hours: Lost dog picked up at Café and brought back to station
1045 hours: Parking complaint on City Point
1120 hours:  Medical call, Brackett Ave.
1230 hours: patrolled Island on bike
1600 hours: Medical call, Maple St
1910 hours: Medical call at Trefethen Club
2020 hours: Golf cart complaint on Island Ave. (child operating). Mother contacted, advised child wasn’t driving, just showing her how to back up.  Mother warned.
2220 hours: report of loud kids walking on Tolman Rd, kids were gone upon arrival.
2250 hours: report of loud party at Trefethen and Pleasant.  Quiet upon arrival
2350 hours: another report of party at Trefethen and Pleasant.  Upon arrival, reporting party said the kids went inside.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Sunday July 14, 2019

Officer Connolly (Fitzgerald/Fritz)
0700 hours: Shift change
0800 hours: Met ferry/cadet reported to duty
0840 hours: Patrolled backshore on Gator
1300 hours: Warning (drinking in public/Welch St.)
1330 hours: bar check/Jones Landing
1430 hours: lost wallet turned in
1510 hours: Warning drinking in public (back shore)
1410 hours: Medical call on Island Ave.
1620 hours: Served Criminal trespass paperwork to individual for Jones Landing.  Individual was uncooperative with staff. 
1640 hours: Warning drinking in public (back shore)
*Jones Landing was well attended.  No problems with crowd or with Ferry loading*
2230 hours: Call of a domestic altercation on Elizabeth (wrong location/ ended up being Elizabeth in town)
0500 hours: Medical call with transport

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 7/9/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0820 - checked Welch St. lot.

0910 - patrolled island.

1110 - online EMT training.

1255 - 911 Hang-up in area 338 Brackett Ave.  Nobody around when I arrived.

1510 - responded back to station house for a turned in wallet.

1730 - patrolled back shore.

2140 - spoke with leaders of a camp on the island that continue to have issues with a camp participant.  They want to follow up with the child's parent before involving law enforcement.

2345 - American Legion for a disorderly male.  Arrest made and transported off the island.

*** Special attention to the islands beaches as there were plenty of people enjoying the warmer weather.

*** Lots of day trippers during midday and slowly trickled down by 7:00.  

Monday, July 8, 2019


Date __7-06-2019_        Shift ___0645-0730            Officer _Rumery Taylor/Cunningham/Haley/Keller__

0700- shift change w/Ofc Smith and Ofc Lachance-managed car ferry line

0800- met ferry-managed car ferry line

0900- managed car ferry line, tagged unattended vehicles in travel lane

0930- met car ferry-managed car ferry line

1015- St Christopher's Fair visit handed out a few police stickers

1030- met ferry-managed car ferry line (up past Hannigan's market)

1045- coordinated with LPA Barge for an extra ferry run-double load of happy cars taken off island

1100- patrolled Island

1130- met ferry

1200- spoke w/Islander re:civil issue with children's belongings

1210- LPA Barge for another vehicle run-fueled cruiser

1230- met ferry-St Christopher's for lunch break

1300- patrolled Island

1330- met ferry

1430- met ferry-shift change w/Ofc Haley

1500- Woods Rd w/Engine 12 for tree limb on wires. CMP already on site and dealt w/issue 2hrs 
before our arrival. 

1530- met ferry-patrolled Island

1645- met ferry

1720- 170 Island Ave report of red and green flare on boat on the water, caller believed boater in 
distress. Caller called back while we were investigating to report it appeared it was just small fireworks

1736- 134 Reed Ave Report of lightning strike to house and smoke in the building, no in town apparatus available to respond. Responded with Engine 12 and Ladder 12 with many volunteers. No smoke, no sign of damage upon arrival. Renter plugged into a surge protector felt small shock while using the phone when lightning struck. No injury.

1755- met the ferry

1930- met ferry-patrolled Island

2030- met ferry-patrolled Island

2130- met ferry-shift change w/Ofc Keller-patrolled Island

2245- met ferry-large wedding party off Island

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 7/3/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled back shore.

0930 - met ferry and had to address car ferry lane as multiple motorists attempted to cut line.

1130 - 911 hangup to a cell phone in area of Jones Landing.

1230 - Met multiple City officials as they came out to plan for possible changes to Welch St. traffic patterns and sidewalk issues.

1420 - special attention to both Battery Steele and Trot Little John Park.  

1620 - patrolled island.

1715 - spoke with the Harbormaster about a boat that went adrift and was tied up on Long Island.  Harbor master believes owner may be from Peaks.  I sent out a post on Nextdoor with the particulars of the boat and contact info for the Harbormaster.

1830 - 911 hang-up on Whitehead St.  Handful of people around as I arrived but nobody flagging me down for assistance.  More likely a pocket dial.

1845 - Medcu 12 run to Winding Way.  Patient treated at scene by FD and not transported.  

2105 - Engine 12 call to a home on Orchard St for a toaster oven on fire.  Was out upon arrival, assisted FD in ventilating the house.

2145 - checked Battery Steele and Trott Little John Park. Both quiet.

Met boats throughout day as schedule allowed.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 7/1/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry.

0840 - station house chores.

0920 - patrolled island.

1020 - small dingy washed ashore by City Point Rd.  Pulled up further on sand and description put out on Nextdoor.

1100 - 911 hangup on New Island Ave.  Family was all set.  Small child touched the phone.

1410 - passerby stated he saw a boat by 700 Seashore Ave. in possible distress.  Arrived and saw it approx. .25 miles out but no signs of distress.  Too far to communicate but nothing of note.

1720 - made contact with and handed off a juvenile summons for a police unit on the mainland.  

2120 - patrolled island.

2140 - small campfire on beach by public dock.  FD didn't have an issue with it and permit was granted.

2245 - patrolled back shore.

Tons of pedestrians walking/biking/golf carting around the island.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 6/25/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.

0855 - reunited lost cell phone with owner.

1155 - made contact with owner about removing some debris from side of road.

1450 - patrolled island and met 1530 ferry.

1600 - attempted to make contact with owner of a vehicle by Trott Cemetery. Unable to do so at this time.

1920 - met ferry and checked skate park.

2145 - checked Battery Steele.

Met boats throughout day as schedule allowed.  

Monday, June 24, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 6/23/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0740 - station house chores.

0900 - patrolled island.

1010 - reunited lost wallet with owner.

1130 - patrolled back shore and spoke to resident about cut brush that was protruding into road.

1230 - met ferry and gave special attention to Jones Landing.

1400 - met with staff at Jones Landing.

1720 - patrolled island.

Reggae fest was well attended but staff kept occupancy to the max without running over.  Outside deck looked half full most of the day.  Officer Smith and I gave special attention to the detail numerous times and witnessed no issues at all.  

2120 - patrolled island and checked Battery Steele.

*** Met boats throughout day as schedule allowed.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 6/20/2019

0700 - arrived on island.

0720 - station house chores.

0800 - met ferry.

0920 - made contact with resident about a lost phone.

1230 - met ferry and patrolled Seashore Ave.

1420 - patrolled Brackett Ave. and met ferry.

1650 - patrolled Central Ave.

1930 - met ferry.

2030 - met ferry and patrolled back shore.

2130 - met ferry.

2155 - checked skate park. All quiet.

Met boats as schedule allowed.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Robert Lauterbach 6/17/2019 Early and Late out shift

1530 - arrived on island and relieved Ofc. Taylor.

1550 - patrolled island.

1645 - met ferry and dropped off Kit, our cadet.

1900 - patrolled Central Ave.

2130 - met ferry and patrolled backshore.

2220 - checked skate park, all quiet.

2330 - responded to ferry for a possible assault in progress.  Two males had an altercation over a stolen iphone.  Both combatants were intoxicated, and phone was located.  Neither party wanted to pursue anything any 

0010 - met with one of the combatants of the ferry incident and he wanted to report a different phone stolen.  Again, intoxicated.  Sent on his way.

*** Please remember to stay in your vehicle when at the ferry line.