Sunday, July 26, 2015

07/24/2015   Ofc. Robert Lauterbach

0700 - arrived on island.
0720 - patrolled island and met 0800 ferry.
0930 - met ferry.
1050 - parking complaint around Island Ave/New Island Ave.  Complaint was for vehicles parked legally for longer than 72 hours.  Spoke with our Cadet, Raven, and she identified a vehicle that does spend most of its time on Island Ave., but the owners live there.  She stated that although it might be on Island Ave. most of the time, the owners seem to a good job of moving the vehicle around, so it's not in one spot for three days in a row.  It's an area we'll pay special attention to. 
1230 - met ferry.
1420 - patrolled island and met 1430 ferry.
1530 - met ferry.
1630 - patrolled island and met 1645 ferry.
1750 - met ferry.
1930 - met ferry.
2030 - met ferry.
2130 - met ferry and patrolled island.
2245 - met ferry.

***Please remember to stay with your vehicles when parked in the car ferry line.