Friday, July 17, 2015

07/16/2015   Ofc. Robert Lauterbach

0700 - arrived on island.
0720 - patrolled island.
0800 - met ferry.
0930 - met ferry.
1020 - special attention check to area of 40 Welch St.  No parking violations.
1130 - spoke with resident at station house about possible credit card fraud. 
1230 - met ferry and patrolled island.
1410 - spoke with a female who left her wallet on a bike and returned to discover it was gone.  No report taken, missing drivers license. 
1430 - met ferry.
1530 - met ferry.
1635 - patrolled Central Ave. and met 1645 ferry.
1705 - spoke with staff at Cockeyed Gull about an incident that occurred yesterday. 
1730 - responded to call by Seashore Ave and Onway for juveniles in a golf cart.  Found a golf cart that fit the description, but was unoccupied and nobody around.
1750 - met ferry.
1900 - fire training at DPW lot.
1930 - made contact with the owner of the lost purse from earlier in the day after someone turned it in to me.  Everything intact, made arrangements to get it back to her.
2020 -Medcu 312 run Hussey Rd. Patient transported without incident to fire boat.
2130 - met ferry.

***Please keep in mind whenever you have your dog out walking, it must be on a leash.