Wednesday, July 15, 2015

07/14/2015   Ofc. Robert Lauterbach

0700 - arrived on island.
0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.
0930 - met ferry.
1015 - patrolled Central Ave. and met 1030 ferry.
1050 - spoke with resident from 40 Welch St. about parking complaint.
1130 - met ferry.
1230 - met ferry and patrolled island.
1415 - patrolled back shore and met 1430 ferry.
1530 - met ferry.
1645 - met ferry and gave special attention to the no standing zone by 40 Welch St.  No violators.
1930 - met ferry.
2010 - patrolled island and met 2030 ferry.
2130 - met ferry and patrolled island.  All quiet.

***Remember to check with us at the station when you want to have a cooking fire on the beach.  The rules/regulations are a little confusing and it's important that we know where you are going to have it and to make sure it's in a legal burn container.  It also helps us as people call in and complain that there's fire on the beach.