Tuesday, May 5, 2015

05/05/2015  Ofc Rumery-Taylor

0700- met ferry-PFD shift change
0800- met ferry-patrolled Island
0841- 19 Upper A St w/Medcu 12-transport
0920- vehicle/bldg maint
0945- met ferry-patrolled Island
1100- met ferry
1230- met ferry-fueled cruiser
1430- shift change w/Ofc Hawley

Remember that Maine traffic laws apply here on Peaks the same as they do on the mainland. Seatbelts are required, children must be in car seats and all drivers of ANY vehicle must be licensed-this includes golf carts.

Officer Hawley (Evening shift)

Robert Lauterbach 5/5/2015


1750 - arrived on island.
1810 - patrolled island.
1930 - met ferry.
2030 - met ferry.
2035 - golf cart stopped by Island and Welch.  Occupants appeared young.  Upon vehicle stop, driver was found to be of age.
2130 - met ferry.

*** Please remember that the Welch St. lot has a 24 hour parking limit.