Monday, April 27, 2015



Date __04  / 22 /2015         Shift _ 3__         Officer __Rose  __        
Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous
  1. 0645 Reported for duty with FF Wallace
  2. 0730 House chores and equipment check
  3. 0815 Met ferry  
  4. 0930 Met ferry
  5. 1100 Medical run to Torrington Point for an injured child
  6. 1208 Disturbance call to Upper A Street
  7. 1330 Possible Criminal mischief/damage Island Ave
  8. 1430 Ladder 12 testing and training
  9. 1545 Met Ferry and monitored modular home being set in place by a crane
  10. 1730 Met ferry and Fire Boat for supplies and air tank swap
  11. 1800 Attended the Peaks Island Counsel meeting
  12. 2030-2230 Evening ferries all quiet low numbers
  13. Met ferries through the day as scheduling permitted

Ladder 12 Daily testing and training

Police tip.  

Please beware of communicating with unknown persons on the internet and monitor your children and novice users. Remember the IRS will not communicate by email, there are no African royalty in need of your $1000.00 in  return for $100,000.00 and if someone your niece know is in a Mexican jail and is in need of bail money he’s probably not good for her anyway.