Wednesday, April 22, 2015

04/21/2015  Ofc Rumery-Taylor (Day shift)
0700- shift change w/Ofc Rose-PFD shift change-patrolled Island
0800- met ferry-patrolled Island
0835- Sargent Rd-CMP called reference phone conversation for check the well being-unfounded
0945- met ferry-fueled cruiser
1050- met ferry-patrolled Island
1120- 284 Seashore w/Engine 12 for alarm sounding-low battery/water issue
1215- Inn on Peaks-Engine 12 Knox box update
1230- met ferry-patrolled Island
1430- shift change w/Ofc Hawley

Along with the warmer weather will come outdoor activities-please remember to use proper safety gear-i.e. bicycle helmets-while recreating

Ofc. Hawley (Evening shift)