Friday, May 1, 2015

04/30/15   Ofc. Rose


Date __04  / 30 /2015         Shift _ 3__         Officer __Rose  __        
Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous
  1. 0645 Reported for duty with FF Wallace
  2. 0730 House chores and equipment check
  3. 0815 Medical call to Upper A street  
  4. 0930 Met ferry
  5. 1100 Checked a blocked road by construction project. No issues
  6. 1208 Checked a complaint of a vehicle blocking the road on Luther Street, No issues
  7. 1230 Conducted a radar traffic detail on Island Ave. no violations. 20 vehicles fastest was 22mph
  8. 1500 Attended a community meeting at the Fay Garman Center
  9. 1630 Met Ferry and monitored traffic
  10. 1730 Met ferry
  11. 1830 Attended another community meeting at the community center
  12. Met ferries through the day as scheduling permitted


Attended Advanced Directive training.

Police tip:  The weather is getting warmer, but the ocean is still cold.  If you are going out on your kayak or boat, please wear a life preserver.  The human body will lose energy and heat quickly in this water.