Friday, August 14, 2015

08/13/15   Ofc. Connolly




Date _­­08/13/15_____        Shift _ __            Officer _Connolly                 _______        


Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous


0700-1530 hours: Officer Lauterbach on duty
1530 hours: assisted with medical call, party transported on fireboat
1725 hours: Individual burning without permit on back shore.  Due to strong winds, individual was asked to put fire out. 
1740 hours: Dog located on Centennial beach.  Dog was reunited with owner a few hours later.
1750 hours: complaint of bikes left on bike rack past 72 hours.
2230 hours: Assisted with medical call.  Individual transported. 
0920 hours: Conducted traffic detail on Island Ave.  Two summonses and one verbal warning for stop sign violation
1930 hours: Fire complaint on beach off of 100 block of Seashore Ave.  Individuals had small cooking fires and had all permits. 
2000 hours: Dog complaint on Luther Ave. 
Patrolled and met Ferry as calls permitted.   

Remember that bikes should not be left at the Welch Street lot for longer than 72 hours.