Sunday, June 28, 2015

06/26/15   Ofc. Richardson

0700 shift change with officer Connolly
0800 met ferry
Cadet Rondeau starts shift
0830 patrolled island with PFD
0915 met ferry
parking complaint on Central Ave (it’s still private property)
1015 met ferry
Large oak tree came down between two buildings on Oaklawn Ave damaging one house, blocking the road.
1115 met ferry
1215 met ferry
1415 met ferry
Officer Haley on duty
1515 met ferry
End of cadet Rondeaus shift
1630 met ferry
Assist Medcu with 11 year old girl injured in a fall from a tree on sandy beach.
A thank you to the harbor master and the coast guard for their assistance.
1800 met ferry
A report of kids swimming out to the wrecked boat on the shoreline none visible upon our arrival
1915 met ferry
Report of a woman with a loose dog near CMP (woman throwing a ball to her dog)
2015 met ferry
2115 met ferry
2230 met ferry
Officer Letarte on duty
2330 met ferry
Checked Battery Steele, watched a small group of kids run to the puckerbrush.
Checked Lions Club
Checked American Legion

Please be careful when operating a golf cart when you have small children with you.
They may not be fast but a child falling out of one can have catastrophic results