Sunday, June 28, 2015

06/25/15   Ofc. Connolly






Date __06 /25 /2015         Shift _ __             Officer ___  Connolly_______        



0715 hours: shift change
745 hours: patrolled island
0800 hours: met ferry
0910 hours: patrolled island
1015 hours: Responded to injury crash at the location of Tolman Rd and Seashore Ave. Report taken.
1130 hours: met ferry
1145 hours: patrolled island
1215 hours: EMS training
1315 hours: patrolled island
1430 hours: met ferry
1500 hours: Report of abandoned vehicle in Welch St parking lot, locked with engine running. Reporting party states the car was running for an hour.  Owner located.  She was unaware the car was running.
1530 hours: met ferry
1645 hours: met ferry
1710 hours: patrolled island
1840 hours: patrolled island
1930 hours: met ferry
1945 hours: patrolled island
2030 hours: met ferry
2100 hours: patrolled island
2130 hours: met ferry
2245 hours: met ferry
2300 hours: patrolled island 

Safety Tip

-Avoid thefts of opportunity.  Opportunity theft is the direct result of property and valuables left unattended, even for short periods of time.   This provides a thief with the opportunity to steal your valuables.  Opportunity thefts are the most preventable crimes that occur.  Please lock your cars and secure your golf carts.