Monday, May 11, 2015

05/08/15   Ofc. Rose






Date __05  / 08 /2015         Shift _ 3__         Officer __Rose  __        


Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous

  1. 0645 Reported for duty
  2. 0730 House chores and equipment check
  3. 0815 Met ferry  
  4. 0930 Met ferry
  5. 1100-1300 Ran a radar traffic detail on Island Ave, Pleasant Ave and Central Ave. No violations with very light traffic.
  6. 1300 Checked summer homes for open doors and other sign of burglary/criminal trespass.
  7. 1500 Met Ferry
  8. 1630 Received a call for an intoxicated/drugged male on skateboard staggering in the street.  Located a male subject who fit that description to a tee. After a field interview he decided that he would leave the island and catch up with his missing friends later. 
  9. 1900 Received another call for the three “missing” friends on the beach by LPA, they too matched the descr4iption of the earlier subject. They too came to the decision that it was time to leave the island.
  10. Met the remaining ferries



Police tip.  


Please take warning signs seriously.