Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Peaks Island Shift Log 7-26-12  Officer Rose

Officer Rose

0700-On duty

0800-Met boat/FF shift change

0930- Met boat/routine patrol

1030-Met boat/assist citizen with a dog complaint

1130-Met boat/several M/V parking tickets issued on Welch St, another dog complaint, returned home older dog wondered off

1230-Met boat

1430- Met boat routine patrol, assisted citizen with security questions about his summer home

1530-Met boat/routine patrol

1615-Assisted several juveniles with missing bikes, all found near by

1730-Leaving the scene of an accident report Brackett Ave.

1930-Fire alarm call Sea Shore Ave. Barbeque smoke set alarm off. first one free second one you need to feed the fireman.

2030-Met boat

2130-Met boat/ routine patrol

2235-Moved along a group of teenagers at the Lions Club

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