Tuesday, July 31, 2012

07-28-12  Officer Richardson
0645 met ferry picked up officer bickford

0800 met ferry

0900 medical call on sargent rd.. officer bickford and i transported a woman to the fireboat with minor head injuries

road race day!!

1015 met ferry

natic street resident warned about expired registration

1030 road race with 600 plus runners (one twisted ankle)

1215 met ferry

lost wallet turned in to police... owner found and wallet returned

1315 met ferry cbl ran extra boat

1415 met ferry

picked up officer small

1515 met ferry

1630 met ferry

1700 very large brushfire on tolman road owner had been warned not to do this on 7/17

summons issued pfd and engine one from munjoy hill station extinguished the fire

1900 another 16 year old girl without a drivers license ordered off moms golf cart on seashore ave(this is becoming an epidemic)

2015 met ferry

2115 met ferry

2200 per the electrical division i marked which light poles are non functional after fault discovered yesterday

2230 met ferry

shift change with officers smith and sibbly