Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Officer Rose, Officer Frazier, Firefighter Gordan

Over time 7-7-12

2300-Report of fireworks and tree fire in the area of 625 Island Ave. Suspected person involved was intoxicated and uncooperative with officers and firefighter. Neighbors were very scared and homes were full of smoke. Sadly not enough evidence present to charge with a crime.

2355-Met boat/ the last of 4 weddings left the island, no complaints

2400-Routine patrol/Report of a missing 13 year old black lab on the back shore. Returned home around 0230 in good spirts.

0745-Medical call island Ave, woman feeling faint while jogging possible dehydration. Transported to Maine Medical Center for further evaluation.

***Tip 2. Drink plenty of fluids throughout the day, warm temperatures and exercise can lead to dehydration. Dizziness, nausea, headaches and weakness are some signs and symptoms to look out for.


0800- Met boat/overtime officer on duty and firefighter swap. Heavy vehicle traffic heading off island.

0930- Met boat

1000-training firefighter with ladder 12/ filled community garden with water

***Spoke to a women who was attempting to let her 13 year old daughter drive a golf cart down Island Ave during boat time. Both seemed shocked to learn that it was against the law and was probably not a good idea in general. As an addition a reminder about children in seatbelts and not holding down cargo in the rear of the truck.

1130-Met boat/routine patrol

1230-Met boat/ large crowd for Jone's Landing

1240-Medical call for a women who crashed her bike. Transported to Maine Medical Center

1300-Assisted Jone's Landing staff with and ID check, questionable ID and denied entry

1500-Responded to Jone's Landing for a report of 5 men fighting. Security staff refused to serve an unruly patron, friends got involved. Staff did a good job with the problem prior to our arrival. Suspects located and escorted off the island via CBL and overtime police officers. Officers continued enforcement down front until the 1800 ferry when most of the remaining party goers left the island.

1945-Met boat routine patrol

2045-Met boat/ checked on several cooking fires around the island

2145-Met boat/reviewed locations around the island with the firefighter that might pose tactical challenges for them when confronted with fire or medical situations.

2255-Met boat all seemed quiet

***Tip 3 please advise the firefighter or police of any fires you plan to have. This will save time and energy for everyone involved.