Tuesday, July 10, 2012

7-7-12  Officer Richardson

0700 shift change with officer oconner

0800 shift change with pfd (ff knight)

0830 patrolled island with officer bickford

0915 met ferry

0945 ticketed cars parked in ferry line

1000 made a few "suggestions" to those in the ferry line

1115 met ferry

1145 spoke to resident allowing childred to stand up in the back of their golf cart.

1215 met ferry

1230 911 hang up call on pleasant ave

located missing bicycle (i think) owner was called to see if it was his..

1300 spoke to parent teaching their daughter to drive the family golf cart on island ave

1315 cbl ran extra car ferry

1345 flagged down by three young ladies on back shore needing a ride to the front of the island (medical issue)

there are a few islanders who have been asked to register their vehicles who seem hesitant to do so...

i would rather you spend your funds to register your vehicle than give your money to the state...and still have to register your car...

enough said!!!