Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Officer Richardson 9/2/18

0700 shift change with Officer Lauterbach

Officer Fitzgerald

0800 met ferry

checked TEIA

0915 met ferry

1015 met ferry

parking complaint on welch st

no violation

1115 met ferry

1215 met ferry

1330 met ferry

1415 met ferry

assist PFD with medical call on Maple St

1515 met ferry

2 drinking in public warnings

1630 met ferry

800+ people left on the dock

three drinking in public warnings

1735 met ferry

3 drinking in public warnings

1915 met ferry

barking dog complaint on Luther St

criminal mischief complaint on Island Ave

report taken

2015 met ferry

suspicious vehicle complaint on Seashore Ave unfounded

assist PFD with medical call on Seashore Ave

2115 met ferry

loud party call at the Lions club unfounded

assist PFD with unattended campfire at Battery Steele

2230 met ferry

0600 campers removed from Battery Steele

0640 assist PFD with alarm sounding on Herman Ave

the best way to have good neighbors.... is to be a good neighbor... it's not rocket science!!!!