Friday, August 10, 2018

Robert Lauterbach 8/9/2018

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.

0855 - station house chores.

1035 - spoke with individual about cutting car ferry line.  Apologized, and went to the back of line.

1100 - spoke with resident about on going land lord tenant problems.

1900 - spoke with individual on Veteran's about a missing air conditioning unit.  Called and left message with owner of it.  To be continued.

2010 - spoke with resident about a missing/stolen boat from her yard.  Doesn't want report at this time.  Just wanted the PD aware of it.

2155 - checked DPW property.

Met the boat throughout day as schedule allowed.

*** Please remember to lock your vehicles.