Monday, April 30, 2018

Robert Lauterbach 4/27/2018

0700 - arrived island.

0800 - met ferry and patrolled island.

0845 - station house chores.

0950 - responded to Hannigan's Market to serve a individual with trespass paperwork.

1420 - responded to area around 2 City Point Rd for a strong smell of propane.  Located faulty tank on deck on house.  Owner notified.

1610 - responded to area around Daniel and Central for a resident who found a loose dog.  No one around when I arrived.  Dispatch was able to confirm with the caller that he located the dog's owner and returned it. 

2140 - responded to the CMP building for an open door.  I observed the door open all day, workers must've left it 
open when leaving for the day.  Closed the door.  Property was checked and nothing suspicious found.

Checked DPW property.

*** Please keep in mind that the parking ban will start soon on Island Ave. by the car ferry line.