Monday, August 31, 2015

08/28/15   Ofc. Connolly






Date _­­_08/28/2015__        Shift _ __            Officer _  Connolly               _______        




Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous


0700 hours: shift change
0720 hours: assisted water district with inspection
0800 hours: met ferry
0815 hours: patrolled island
0930 hours: met ferry
0950 hours: patrolled island
1030 hours: met ferry
1215 hours: assisted Ordinance Team with removal of flare which was located previous day
1230 hours: met ferry
1330 hours: patrolled island
1430 hours: met ferry/ Officer Bomba second officer on duty
1525 hours: assisted citizen at station in regards to custody issue
1630 hours: met ferry
1655 hours: provided ride to individuals on back shore who had broken down
1750 hours: met ferry
1815 hours: patrolled island
1910 hours: identity theft, Island Ave.  Report taken.
2030 hours: met ferry
2045 hours: patrolled island
2130 hours: met ferry
2150 hours: patrolled island
2245 hours: met ferry/ Officer Schertz second officer on duty
2300 hours: patrolled island


Even though golf carts don’t require seat belts, riding while holding babies and small children is a very bad and unsafe idea.