Tuesday, August 25, 2015

08/24/15   Ofc. Rose





Date _­­___08/24/15_        Shift _1 __            Officer _ ROSE             _______        


Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous

0700 Reported for duty with Lt. FF Bragdon
Assisted in the station truck bay clean up
0730 House chores and vehicle inspections
0730 Monitored traffic and parking issues all day. Nothing of note
0915 SA given to City Point Recent Theft of blue pop-up-tents.
0930 Stopped by the water treatment project on city point to check safety precautions
1500 911 hang up call in the area of Church St. unfounded
1900 Report of a lost dog in the area of Evergreen
2300 Report of loud party on New Island Ave.  Service Provide Party goers sent home.
Addressed several fire permit question
Patrolled and met Ferry throughout the shift as calls permitted


Safety Tip

Fires on the Island require a permit. Please stop in or call with any questions.