Wednesday, August 5, 2015

08/03/15   Ofc. Richardson

0700 shift change with Officer Connolly
0800 met ferry
0830 patrolled island with PFD
0915 met ferry
1015 met ferry
radar detail on Island Ave
1115 met ferry
recovered a bicycle on Welch St
1215 met ferry
1415 met ferry
1515 met ferry
report of suspicious backpack left at the post office (item belonged to post office employee)
1630 met ferry
check well being on Island Ave
1735 met ferry
check well being on Island Ave
1915 met ferry
2015 met ferry, parking dispute in traffic circle
2115 met ferry
2200 assist Fire Dept with medical call on Luther St
2230 met ferry
2330 met ferry
0600 responded to a 44 foot boat on the rocks on the south side of the island
(some boat owners can't catch a break)


If you are asked twice to move your vehicle/golf cart as you are blocking the traffic circle
please do not wait for the police to become involved, it's common courtesy