Thursday, June 4, 2015

06/03/2015  Ofc Rumery-Taylor

0700- shift change w/Ofc Richardson-PFD shift change
0800- met ferry-patrolled Island
0830- bldg/equip maint
0945- met ferry
1100- met ferry-assisted Islander locate lost handicapped placard-patrolled Island
1230- met ferry-patrolled Island
1430- met ferry-fueled cruiser
1530- met ferry-patrolled Island
1645- met ferry-@ 1659 stopped Dartmouth College Business School grads attempting to carry/drink beer from Jones' Landing to Ferry-beer was not from Jones' they brown bagged it from the mainland to the party and then tried to take it from party back to ferry
1750- met ferry-patrolled Island
1900- Attended meeting at Community Center
2015- patrolled Island
2030- met ferry
2130- met ferry-patrolled Island

Remember to plan ahead and get in line if you are taking your car off Island. The car lines have been getting longer every day. There are large numbers of people on the boats as well. Please plan accordingly. There were very large numbers of people left on the dock during the Memorial Day crowds.