Monday, June 22, 2015

06/21/15   Ofc. Rose





Date __06  / 21 /2015         Shift _ 3__         Officer __Rose  __        


Daily Tasks/Public Relations/Maintenance/Miscellaneous

  1. 0700 Reported for duty with OT officer Keller and Fire Fighter Bragdon
  2. 0700 House chores and equipment check
  3. 0730 Met ferry  
  4. 0800 Met Ferry Police Cadet on duty
  5. 0945 Met Ferry
  6. 1030 Met Ferry
  7. 1130 Met Ferry
  8. 1230 Met boat OT Officer Richardson on duty
  9. 1315 Met Ferry
  10. 1430 Met Ferry
  11. 1530 Met Ferry
  12. 1700 Met Ferry
  13. 1800 Met Ferry
  14. 2030 Met Ferry
  15. 2130 Met Ferry
  16. 0405 Criminal trespass at a cottage on Island Ave near the club. Intoxicated/high unknown male walked into the cottage and fell asleep on the couch. He refused to leave at first thinking he was at the Inn. The homeowner convinced him to leave just prior to out arrival. We checked the area to no avail. The homeowner did not want to press charges or serve CT paperwork unless he was located and being a problem.  Approximately thirty minutes later I located the male walking on Island Ave by the Police station.  He was identified as a resident of xxx Central Ave.  He stated that was intoxicated and went into the wrong house, he left when the picture became clearer to him.  He apologized and stated that it would not happen again.
  17. Officers patrolled the island throughout the day, rain kept numbers low and cancelled reggae.


Police Tip

Please remember the area in the parking lot that is marked Handicap parking is the entire row.