Wednesday, May 20, 2015

05/18/2015  Ofc Rumery-Taylor

0700- shift change w/Ofc Richardson-PFD shift change
0800- met ferry-spoke with Islander about broken down vehicle in Welch St lot-vehicle will be moved within 24hrs
0900- fueled cruiser
0945- met ferry-patrolled Island
1030- Bldg/equip maintenance
1100- met ferry
1230- met ferry-patrolled Island
1430- met ferry-managed car ferry line
1443- 19 Woods Rd accidental 911 call
1530- met ferry-patrolled Island
1645- met ferry
1750- met ferry
1930- met ferry-patrolled Island
2030- met ferry-patrolled Island
2130- met ferry-PFD shift change 

Please remember the ferry line rules:

*Vehicles cannot go beyond the crosswalk (at the beginning of the ferry line) when the ferry is docking or already docked and if they are beyond that line in the handicapped zone picking up handicapped passengers-you must wait until the ferry departs or you are directed to leave by the Police or CBL staff

*Do NOT stand/congregate in the freight area-also be aware that the walkway between the ramp and the shelter is also used by the forklift to move freight-don't block that path or step partially out of the way trying to make yourself thin so that the forklift can squeeze through-the forklift is capable of doing as much, if not more damage than a car-keep the areas clear so that the loading and unloading process goes as quickly and smoothly as possible. The sooner the freight is moved, the sooner you will get on the ferry.