Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Peaks Island 07-12-2012 Officer O'Connor
0700- arrived on the island

0800- checked the ferry, unlocked the community center

0900- checked the ferry, patrolled the back of the island

1000- checked the ferry, complaint about people sitting at the table at P.I.R. fireside personnel arrived on the island

1100- found item turned in orchard St..

1200-checked the ferry, patrolled the front of the island, checked the lions club

1300-patrolled the school area

1400- checked the ferry, checked the welch St.. parking lot

1500- checked the ferry

1600- checked the ferry, patrolled

1700-checked the ferry, dog off a leash complaint on whitehead St..

1800- fire works complaint winding way

1900- checked the ferry

2000- checked the ferry patrolled around central ave.

2100- checked the ferry

2200- checked the ferry, patrolled , checked the lions club

2300- checked the ferry, checked the community center