Thursday, June 21, 2012

Robert Lauterbach 6/19/12

0700 - arrived on island.

0800 - picked up firefighter partner and met ferry.

0840 - patrolled perimeter of island.

0930 - met ferry.

1015 - drove through Central Ave and met 1030 ferry.

1130 - met ferry.

1230 - met ferry.

1420 - checked an address on Wiley St. for in town units regarding a theft. No one home at the time.

1530 - met ferry.

1620 - drove around perimeter of island and picked up the Chief of police on the 1645 ferry.

1700 - patrolled the island with the Chief.

1830 - attended meeting at the community center with the islanders and chief.

2020 - secured community room and made sure library was secure.

2030 - met ferry.

2130 - met ferry.

2245 - met ferry.
 Peaks Island 06-20-2012 Officer O'Connor
0700- arrived on the island
0800- checked the ferry, checked the welch St. parking lot
0900-found wallet returned to owner
1000-checked the ferry- dog bite at Sandy Beach
1100-lost dog returned to owner at 2 Island ave
1200- checked the ferry, patrolled the back of the island
1300-check the well being call at 2 Spruce St..
1400-civil issue dispute 6 Welch St..
1500- checked the ferry, patrolled the school area, checked the community center
1600- checked the ferry
1700- checked the ferry, patrolled
1900-checked the ferry, lost dog turned into police station recovered soon after by the owner
2000- checked the ferry
2100- checked the ferry
2200- checked the ferry, checked the community center, patrolled