Tuesday, May 29, 2012

05-24-12 Officer Richardson
0700 shift change with c taylor

0800 shift change with pfd (ff mullison)

0830 patrolled island with ff mullison

0930 met ferry

1045 met ferry

1215 met ferry

1245 patrolled island

1415 met ferry

1515 met ferry

1630 met ferry

1735 met ferry

1800 assisted lost walkers back to 1800 ferry

1915 met ferry

2015 checked lions club and teia

2115 met ferry

2200 checked dpw

2230 met ferry

2345 checked american legion (quiet)
Peaks Island 05-25-2012  Officer O'Connor
0700-arrived on the island
0800- checked the ferry, fire side shift change
0900- checked the ferry, fire side taken from the island for training
1000- checked the ferry, found item turned in
1100- checked the ferry, checked the welch st parking lot
1200- checked the ferry, patrolled, checked the community center
1300- checked on a complaint of drivers speeding on Upper A st
1400- checked the ferry, patrolled, picked up the 2nd officer (extra weekend coverage)
1500- checked the ferry, traffic stop on Island ave, warned driver , people driving in back of pick up
1600-checked the ferry, patrolled the back of the island
1700- checked the ferry, patrolled around the school
1800- checked the ferry, fireside returned to the island
1900- checked the ferry, patrolled
2000- checked the ferry, patrolled, checked the lions club
2100- checked the ferry, patrolled
2200-checked the ferry, checked the community center
2300- checked the ferry, shift change for overtime detail
0300-medical call on upper A st.
Robert Lauterbach 5/26/2012
0700 - arrived on island.
0720 - drove around perimeter of island.
0800 - met ferry and picked up firefighter partner.
0845 - drove through Central Ave.
0945 - met ferry.
1015 - washed the cruiser and engine for the Memorial Day Parade.
1115 - participated in the parade.
1315 - drove around perimeter of island.
1430 - met ferry.
1530 - met ferry.
1620 - drove through Brackett Ave.
1750 - met ferry.
1810 - responded to address on Pleasant Ave, after resident reported smells of gas coming from her home. Everything seemed ok.
1930 - met ferry.
2030 - met ferry.
2130 - met ferry.
2200 - drove around perimeter of island.
2245 - met ferry.
2345 - met ferry.
0030 - drove through Lion's Club property.
0200 - responded to area of 440 Island Ave for fireworks. Negative contact with anyone, but fireworks stopped after that.
0415 - responded to area of 216 Island Ave. for a cellphone 911 hang up call. Drove through the area a couple of times but nobody was around.
05/27/2012 Ofc Rumery-Taylor
0800- shift change w/Ofc Lauterbach (ferry had reggae revelers getting an early start)
0930- met ferry-patrolled Island
1030- bldg maintenance
1115- Engine 12 training
1230- met ferry-patrolled Island
1300- down front @ 1330 met ferry-full of Reggae Sunday partiers
1430- met ferry-shift change
Officer Richardson
1430 shift change with officer taylor
reggae sunday in full swing
1530 summonsed a woman in the public parking lot for public urination.
1530 met ferry (full and then some)
ferry ferry left 200 people on the dock... 80 picked up by down the bay ferry
1600 summonsed a second woman for public urination in the public parking lot.
1630 met ferry... ferry left 300 people on the dock.. half went on the down bay boat
1730 summonsed a male for public urination for urinating on the side of the upper waiting room
1730 met ferry
arranged with harbor master to reunite two young girls who were seperated from their parents.. "no way was I putting those girls on cbl" (thank you kevin battle)
1735 met ferry
1800 assault report taken from island resident vs intoxicated partier.
1915 met ferry last of partiers left the island
1930 dog complaint on hadlock cove road...unfounded..
2000 noise complaint from party flotilla on the govt dock...all boat were leaving upon my arrival...
2115 met ferry ( found two pallets of empty bottles tipped over.. all caught on camera
2200 spoke to island resident about her concerns of childrens welfare on sunday afternoon...
2230 shift change for pd
2330 heavy smell of smoke on island ave .... couple enjoying a fire pit..
0005 checked on lions club and then american legion busy but no issues

Robert Lauterbach 5/28/2012

0800 - arrived on island.

0840 - drove around perimeter of island.

0945 - met ferry.

1100 - met ferry.

1145 - drove through Brackett Ave.

1230 - met ferry.

1315 - drove through Central Ave.

1430 - met ferry.

1530 - met ferry.

1620 - drove around island and met 1645 ferry.

1750 - met ferry.

1805 - responded to 37 Seashore Ave. for an accident report with no injury.

1930 - met ferry.

2000 - criminal mischief report taken at Jones Landing.

2030 - met ferry.

2130 - met ferry.

2245 - met ferry.

0015 - checked community building. Both library and community room were locked and secure.

**** Quick reminder--Although the state of Maine legalized fireworks, they are illegal to use or possess in the City of Portland. Violation of this ordinance is a $200 fine for the first offense.*****